Facial Care

Protective Day Cream

A formulated dead sea minerals and bio originator complex come up with this special texture of light hydration cream which helps in regulating the sebum secretion all day. In addition to a balancing UV protection to avoid skin dryness and damage.

Night Repair Cream

Treat your skin well through triglycerides cream agents such as sweet almond and Jojoba Oil which leaves your skin protected all night, it works intensively through Alpha Bisabolol element and Aloe Vera extract to nourish and improve your skin appearance, an enzymatic system fights coetaneous imperfection and achieves skin balance and refreshment afterwards.

Eye Gel 3 in 1

Regain shiny and youthful look of your eyes by using this effective cream; this hydrated, non-greasy gel is formulated with active minerals for sensitive eye-zone to fight wrinkles, periorbital dark circles and puffiness.

Whitening Cream

A vegetable formula for this advanced effective whitening cream contains Licorice extract and Dead Sea Minerals to reduce melanin concentration and to lower melanocytes action after daily regular use. The complexion surface color is unified to get a double action design in this cream and cosmetic whitening properties will be notified instantly.

Wrinkle Free Cream

This special face care cream is designed with light, fresh, moisturizing textures and Alpha Hydroxyl Acids (AHA) which gently exfoliate the epidermis surface. Shortly this cream will become women’s number one choice to get the perfect skin free from wrinkles.

Facial Scrub

Skin renewal cycle takes 90 days from its midlife to its end, during this period skin gains an undesirable dull look, this facial scrub will treat skin to ensure swift removal of the dead cells, instantly allowing new cells formation. This treatment will purify your skin and turn it to become soft and smooth.

Facial Moisturizing Cream

A hydrated skin needs continuous moisturizing, and this is one of the gifts that women deserve to get, this cream contains concentration of vital dead sea minerals, special oils which add a comfortable balancing feeling and youthful look to your skin.

Deep Cleansing Gel (With Vitamin E)

A gentle face, hands and body cleanser used on daily basis to remove all impurities and oil, leave your skin moisturized and soft.